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Micro USB Powered

Now you can plug in your mobile charger or a power bank and start circuiting.With CakeBoard Next, you get 5V, 3.3V, 12V and -12V output.


CakeBoard is built with 3 compartments to hold the electronic components like resistors, capacitors etc. Plus a IC foam to prick the ICs.

Ready to use Pot

Sometime, finding the perfect resistor for a circuit is very difficult. The 10K and 1M ohm built in Potentiometer solves it for you.

Go Digital

Switching between logic 0 and logic 1 could never be more simple. 4 data switches of CakeBoard can be used to supply inputs to digital circuits.

Play with LEDs

The 4 in built LEDs provided with the CakeBoard can be used as Logic indicators or any application.

Protection of Fuse

The fuse will protect the CakeBoard from any short circuit or wrong connections. So now, don't worry and try anything.

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