CakeBoard - Version 1

The CakeBoard launched in April 2013. We have successfully sold this product to more than 100 students and have received magnificent feedback.

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Its Roomy!

This feature of CakeBoard avoids carrying of component box and breadboard seperately. CakeBoard is built with 3 compartments to hold various electronic components like resistors, capaitors, IC's, etc.

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Power in your hands

While rigging the circuit, you can control the operations of the circuit with just a switch. This feature will prove useful while building a digital circuit.

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Ooops! Wrong Connection :(
No Problem :)

The 250mA fuse provided in the CakeBoard will cover up any short circuit or wrong connection protecting the breadboard from burning. So now, don't worry about short circuit and just try anything on breadboard. Because mistakes are important to learn.!!

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Surprise!! We have space for wire stripper too

As we said, every process has been taken care of. So why leave the wire stripper? Just flip the CakeBoard and place the stripper below the CakeBoard.

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